Putting the movement
back in the labour movement.

It’s time for serious change.

Workers’ Action Movement

Founded in 2017 by members of the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union, the Workers’ Action Movement (WAM) is a movement of rank and file militant trade unionists across Canada. We believe union leadership has shifted to the right. There seems to be no break from concessions bargaining. There seems to be no end to the decline in union democracy, nor to the growing use of intimidation tactics by the union leadership. Members say loud and clear: We can’t make ends meet. We’ve had enough of the status quo. The Executive Board ignores members’ voices. The union is broken and we must fix it! Now more than ever, a class struggle movement is needed. We are committed to building an organized left wing, a class struggle caucus within all unions. We are ready to look the bureaucrats directly in the eye and challenge their regressive policies. We are committed to strengthening ourselves though engagement with members on several key issues. We will contest union elections on a political basis, wherever we are able. In this respect, we are an organization of the youth and of the future, part of the movement that is emerging to challenge relentless capitalist austerity. It’s common for careerists and political thugs to be found in the major political parties and corporations, but we will no longer tolerate these bad actors in our unions!

Let’s build a real movement worthy of the respect of the working class.

Let’s be unequivocal in our demands for a better society, and defend past gains with vigour while pushing the boundaries of what the bosses say is possible or “realistic.”


  • Mobilize the membership to win! Give more  power and resources to our locals.
  • No concessions bargaining! No more 2 tier! Fight the attacks on our pensions, benefits and wages!
  • Create a more democratic, accountable and transparent union – build it from the bottom up!
  • Commit more resources and support from OPSEU HQ!
  • For solidarity with workers everywhere!

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